Fold Poetry


So I have a magnum opus epic poem I am working on called ‘Transductions’.  It is about change and becoming.  I think of it like a contemporary Ovid metamorphosis. Instead of myths about the Gods, there will be new myths that express the contemporary feeling of change becoming.

On thing I am thinking about is the changing notion of measurement and geometry. How geometry in many respsects has been replaced by topology.  I recently read Deleuze’s The Fold, an analysis of Leibniz and Baroque architecture through the lense of nomadology. What is nomadology? I am not sure, but it is something like movement centered versus matter centered. If Monadology was all about unchanging monads that expressed all aspects of  the world, nomadology are the lines between the monads, the folds.

I am thinking about what a nomadic poetry is versus a monadic poetry.  I am also thinking about a damonic poetry because really after the move from the monadology to nomadology we have damonology.


What is transduction?  It is when you convert one type of signal to another. In grad school my thesis project was about transduction converting wifi signals into audio.  But I digress.

One of the things I am thinking about is geometry and oragami. yo