Flowers and Music (or just flowers)


My new years resolution was to have more flowers in the house.  I felt that this would be a small thing that would make me happy and bring nature into my life, and make my apartment smell good.  Because I have no free time I decided to try the subscription service at bouqs. Bouqs sucks, They never delivered my flowers or they delivered them and they were stolen and now I need to report their fraud on my credit card ARG!

But how thrilled was I when walking down 5th and 21st I spotted a flower truck – Uprooted. First of all what a brilliant idea – a flower truck – you just drive around the city selling flowers. I was chatting with them, because I thought this was an absolutely brilliant idea. They generally park on the upper west side of manhattan because it is so residential. But now they are doing every thursday in the flatiron to get corporate customers.

This was so great. I even bought some flowers for my mother – who lives near the flatiron. Flowers are the best.