Next Level of Education


I have been interested for a long time in continuing education and adult education.  These are places that are not necessarily accredited academies but places that teach non traditional coding like The School for Poetic Computation or even traditional coding like the flatiron school, places that teach knitting, tai chi, or acupuncture -and of course the new centre.

I have been teaching for the past few years at some non-traditional schools, and traditional ones. This semester I am teaching a class on Robots and Film at Fordham University, for example. However I am interested in these more home grown options.

I have decided to teach one off three hour classes on various topics some for beginners and some for experienced developers and some that are just plain quirky.  I want to limit these to under 20 students.  Topics I am thinking about are: intro to the unix shell, creating shaders, intro to databases, intro to testing with selenium,  code poetry, chat bots, generative designs, machine learning, intro to react, raspberry pi and sensors, emacs and vi, blockchain programming, ARKit, python programming. The goal would be, after every class, to have a project that you could add to github.   For a three hour class this would not be a very sophisticated project but it would be a place to start.

As soon as I put PAOM on shopify I will do that!