The Bourgeois Imaginal


I have no idea what I intended to write for this post. But the title is amazing.  Something Jungian I suppose.

I perhaps was thinking about poetry.  Poetry was once heroic, then with Baudelaire it became romantic (or romanticize paupery). Various modern and contemporary poets could be called bourgeois, or use bourgeois as subject matter.

What is the point of this?

Maybe to show the beautify in this life, the indescribably uniqueness of a moment (a bourgeois moment), the beauty and value that is found there.  Why is this important?  I dont know, maybe we should write poetry of reality tv stars or celebrities. What do we find least worthy of poetry and we should write poetry about that.  What has been neglected by poetry and we should write about that. Poetry about the journey that is not a journey – can a life without a journey be powerful and worth living? What is that epic poem?

I always think about the hero’s journey and wonder what is the heroine’s journey? People have written poems of Penelope waiting for Odysseus. But what is missing? Most people dont read this and are not touched by this. Are there certain subjects that are worthy for poetry and others that are not. That the story of the heroine must be told a different way – not through poetry?