Ritual Objects


I was thinking the other day that in my yet to be completed magnum opus, post-human trilogy, that I have finally come up with a title for the third installment: The relic. I was also thinking of the votive, or something. The other two volumes are “the forgettory” and “the auger”. Together these are like place, person and thing,

I do not really have ritual objects. I try to have ritual objects but it is not authentic. I am trying to create an experience or have an experience that is not natural to me.  How can I create a ritual object. Everything is mass produced (probably in china). I have been to all the factories. I know. It is like in AI – the Spielberg/Kubrick Movie –  David is not unique.  How to get that uniqueness that aura for a ritual object.  It is hard for me to reconcile. This stone I am buying from the random esoteric shop on 14th street – how do I know it is what it says it is – and not some piece of plastic sold in YiWu.

If anyone has suggestions let me know…

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