AI Art


An AI created this painting of the fictional Bellamy family. It just sold for almost half a million dollars. The main interest here is signaling that this is worth collecting.  I am not sure why this is the first AI art to be sold? Maybe it is because an entire universe was created the fictional Bellamy family? I dont know. This does not seem to be any particular expertise associated with creating this image.

What I would do is take this image and then send it to china and have it done in an oil paint.  I mean really ink jet??

Here is another idea. I would create a series of pseudo masters (pseudo picasso, pseudo vangogh, pseudo da vinci, then you could reproduce notebooks, although the notebooks would have nothing to do with the works. It would be interesting if you could some how make the notebooks refer to the works – I am not sure how you would do this, other than create the notebook with ai create the painiting with ai, have a natural language system intepret the notebook and adjust the painting.

And here is yet another series of ideas: Fake popes, or fake religious figures (create a fake religion), fake mythological stories,  new avant-garde traditions, I could go on.

True this is a bit more interesting than the psycidelica of deep dream, but I bet someone bought this to see if anyone realized it was a fake….