I’m at R/C For the Next 6 Weeks


This is me when I was dewy and 19 studying philosophy and computer science and a drink called the ‘zombie’ at the house of tiki (now out of business).  It was a time I felt very free to explore my intellectual interests.  I am about going to take the next 6 weeks and reboot and explore by working on a project that I have been thinking about for a long time. It combines two passions consciousness and crypto!  Beyond this project, my goal at R/C is to develop a framework and habits around building usable/reusable open source software. I am pretty good and spinning up code and building something that works, but not good at building open source code or code that can be used in collaboration.  I also want to upgrade my testing and debugging tools and habits.  My programming has become very idiosyncratic. And while perhaps that is good for an art project or a personal project, it is not good if you want to build and share tools and frameworks.

I intend to have this blog as a record of my work over the next 6 weeks but right now I am going to paste in my proposal for R/C which they said was one of the strangest projects that anyone has ever submitted.

Conscious Crypto

I have been consumed with the idea of conscious computing. This is somewhat related to the idea of creative computation, but in the case of conscious computation we use computation to make humans more aware. This can mean self-aware, aware of one another, of changes in the earth and so forth. What is the capacity for computation to change our consciousness? I think of entering different spaces and the change of consciousness that engenders, entering a cathedral or entering the space of play such as a game of chess or dance dance revolution.

I am interested in building an open source prayer smart contract/cryptocurrency project at RC. Users can create prayers to be executed at certain times or in certain places and/or can contribute to existing prayers, in a way similar to votive candles to honor the dead or saints.

I am applying for a 6 week residency, so I may not be able to accomplish all that I want in this time. But I would like to create the bones for a robust open source project, to create a smart contract protocol that could be used by other people who want to do something similar, to create an api so that people can extend this notion of prayer and instantiate it in different ways, and finally, to create two demo apps, one web based and one involving electronics and sensors (installation based).