First Day of the New Batch


Today was the first day of the New Batch.  It was sad and strange to not have the people from the old batch in the space but exciting and invigorating to have a whole set of new people with new interests and new abilities. Also there are a bunch of Rust and Haskell people- which is exciting for me.

I had some fantastic conversations about Shader, art, repls, education, consciousness, music, the lightning network  and so forth.  I did not get a whole lot done technically. I spent most of the day working on my talk for localhost for next week and working on my contract specifications to present as an EIR.   My friend Aya told me to write the talk as if I had no access to a computer or the internet, which is a good idea. I really want to balance between the tech and the ideas so everyone understands what I am talking about and everyone comes away learning something new.

Other that that, tomorrow I am bringing my kids to recurse.  I hope it is not too distracting I have a bunch of new and old friends to pair program with!