Conscious computation continued

As I continue to work through this idea of conscious computation I have allocated some time every day to think about this project and how I might manifest work related to it.  Recently I was emailing with a friend to get his feedback and I wrote the following which was some what interesting to me and i thought I would post it here so I remember it.
My project right now is a collection of works around the idea of “conscious
computation”  which I am struggling to define and refine.   In terms of my poetic project, I am interested in creating new poetic structures based on statistics and probability.  If we consider traditional poetic structures as mnemonic aids for humans, what is it to create poetics with mnemonic aids for computers/robots/cyborgs/or human-non human hybrids.   I have also been working on poetic crypto projects like a prayer coin at RC and now a libido coin.
In terms of conscious computation, it is somewhere between
a)  David Chalmers’ idea of all the biological consciousness that have ever existed (humans, animals, plants, rocks, mycelium etc, as a small subset of consciousness that we can now fill out by creating computational and robotic (embodied) consciousness.  How can we fill out this space? How can we create a language around this? Is this an expansion of theory of computation into a theory of consciousness. What kind of thoughts can we think by difference conscious systems vs what kinds of problems can be solved by certain computation systems.
 b) Nagel – What is it like to be a bat.
How can we experience different structures of consciousness and the problem of what I am referring to as transduction, or conversion between one symbol system (conscious system) and another.
Would be interested to hear your thoughts.