I have a bunch of things happening now that I associate with pressure: deadlines, checkins, milestones, and so forth. I am lucky in that I don’t have pressure around things like my health or fulfilling my basic needs. Should I not meet any of these “deadlines” nothing terrible will happen. But why do things in the first place? Sometime people have actual deadlines. This is really often not the case. But I do sometimes find deadlines helpful in setting a boundary around what I want to do. I imagine myself a soap bubble and the deadline is the membrane, the bubble membrane. How beautiful is that to be a bubble floating through the air. Maybe it is a fragrent bubble made of cotton candy or french fries, or nachos. That sounds a bit heavy and perhaps unappealing. Lets keep it a light fragrant bubble floating through the air filtering light reflecting refracting. I am connecting with my higher self right now. My higher self just wants to sit and play Italiana on the guitar all day. My higher self is improving tremendously on this piece and in certain points it is like the gears in the head of my higher self connect with the gears of this music with the bass and the treble and it is like all the gears of the universe and all the atomic spins and the subatomic spins and all the elements popping in and out of existence in the multiverse are playing the same song.

Now that the multiverse is a plot point in a spiderman blockbuster movie – it some how loses esoteric power, poetic power, even power of the laws of physics. Imagine a movie revolving around the crazy theory that the earth revolves around the sun. (I am being facetious – I am not a flat earther or a Ptolomist.

What is the mystery of the universe to unravel today? I am reminded of the lists in DaVinci’s notebooks things like: the origin of sand in rivers, tides, eddies, current, foam. What are the questions pressing for today?

It is difference not essence?

Why is there lack and abundance

why is there sickness and health

why is there death and life

why is the lethargy and energy

I am listening to the wind to find the questions

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