system in g


How does Meredith work? I make decisions from my body which means I move very fast, since the body moves faster than the mind.

When I am painting it comes from my spleen, how does my spleen feel – maybe a touch of purple. When I write poetry it comes from my spleen. When I code it comes from my spleen. If it comes from my mind, if any of it comes from my mind it is garbage.

This is just my process.

If something feels right in my body then I do it. I cannot always explain it. I think of myself as a massive neural net of all my organs and my hormones and my dendrites and all that biology. I read a book, practice tai chi, watch a movie, play with my kids, whatever I do – it all is processed and digested in my body. Then the outcome is the decision of the body – like use the word willow in this poem. What is the causal line from the input to the output? I have no idea! Can we even do that? Does causality work that way? This is the question with AI neural nets as well. How can we understand the architecture of the net.

I am not recommending this as a practice for you dear reader, unless you think it is your process or a process that works for you. Everyone needs to find their own process.

So I move fast. For many people this is disconcerting. For many people it brings up concerns, is what I am doing really thought out. But most of all for many people it does not make sense. Hell most of the time it does not make sense to me. But since I have started doing this, my life has fallen into place, my decisions feel good. Again this is my process, and the thing about the world today is everyone has to find their own process or system.

Lets call this a system not a process… because a system works in a particular way this is how my system works. I mean I do have a website I am experimenting with a concept – systeming or system in g (I have a domain). This was a happy accident since I was looking for systeming.

The G string on a 6 string guitar, of all the strings, is the most difficult to keep in tune. There are all these hacks to keep this string in tune. Why is this the case? There are many reasons.. but this is the edge of the system or the poetics of the system (or as rudy rucker would say the gnarl). The G note! So system in g… this is the beginning of something.