I have been optimizing for impact. For me that means measuring myself by the (positive) effect that I have rather than the tasks I complete or the hours I work. This sounds super click bate-y but it is really profound.

For years I could not tear myself away from a job as a coder, because what was I actually doing if not coding…. Now I feel like I frame the question, I create conditions for coding, I can reduce unnecessary work, I can make the work that we (I) do feel easier and yes… more impactful. There are many ways to have a ridged mindset. Like I need such and such a person to fill a job, or I need to run a project in such and such a way…. Do you ??? really??? Do you really even need to do that project in the first place… maybe you dont.

Anyway – if you have made it this far you now get the big event. I am going to launch a new experiment – the 30 min book group. If you want to why and what for – read about it here.

For you crypto curious I am considering combining this with a crypto currency experiment. (and yes the bookclub is free – I am not charging crypto or something)

No crypto knowledge is necessary but it may be a good opportunity to dip your feet in that pool – if I end up combining the two.

Much Love