Left hand of darkness Ch 10


Aya and I are going to post this last chapter 10 post and then blog about the rest of the book in one post – I think that is half the book.

Anyway chapter 10. I read it two weeks ago and did not blog. I blame eclipse season.

The chapter is called conversations in Mishnory and that is what it was… it was hearing the way people spoke the language: “foilskin-wrapped packet of money’, ‘Ten are more trust worthy than one’, ‘Sarf.’

There is rumor. A friend of mine said last week that she read that the way to socialize talking again after COVID is to gossip. This chapter is sort of like gossip. It is not the free flow of conversation but the feeling out of conversation, conversation as a dangeous journey and what is the destination? Trust? Safety?

At the end of the Chapter Mr Ai our protagonist is still not sure … he has not ventured to the promised land of conversation’s end.

Mr. Ai says the people he met lacked some quality or dimension of being solid. They did not cast shadows. There is the connection of this with understanding someone’s moral core. Morality always has a shadow. There is no ethic of only always right action – there is only ethic of the balance / the edge of the shadow.