This morning I woke up sort of in a lazy and sad mood. I had a little munchkin snuggled next to me and I heard the soft patter of rain outside and I thought what is better than this I am just going to lie in bed.

Eventually I did get up, because of work, but I still felt that lazy feeling…

I thought of all the things I had to do today and it was hard to get motivated…

I made coffee

I did jumping jacks

Everyone was asleep

Then I listened to a podcast (actually Youtube video) with Dr Martin Shaw recommended by Aya.

Immediately I felt better and was like oh yeah this is what I have to do.

But is it?

I wonder how these things that I do to feel better are like self hypnosis. It is an induction to feeling better. It is the psychic equivalent to taking a shot of tequila.

Maybe this is what I DONT need to do. It feels so good tho.

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