Cultivating boredom


( – Basquiat – because I am interested in oil sticks)

A friend of mine the other day suggested that I cultivate boredom. This is a skill that I am unpracticed at. Even if I have nothing to do, I am very adapt at spinning out fantasy worlds to live in – heck even if I do have something to do I do this.

So I was having difficulty figuring out how to be bored. Yes this is a privileged problem. Maybe I should be figuring out how to be helpful. But maybe if I am bored that idea will come to me.

I am abstaining from a bunch of communities – as I write this I have fear that I will lose touch with people and they wont want to hang out with me. This reveals the motive of fear that drives my community involvement – that is kinda messed up.

Back to boredom ….

As it turns out I do get bored. Running bores me…. for example, but more importantly every time I procrastinate I am procrastinating something that is boring to me.

When people talk about creating a schedule, to sit before a blank page every morning or something – perhaps they are talking about cultivating boredom