Writing Group


Met with the most special poetry group last night

Read this and this  https://www.ubu.com/media/text/vp/018_hajnoczky_tight_lacing_2011.pdf and

and wrote this

Another Key Piece

What does concealer mean?
What does chairperson mean?
What does nonconformist mean?

I am trying to talk about POETRY!
Stop bothering me about homework – kid!

On Wikipedia
“A concealer or color corrector is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin.”

All words are the same on the computer
Really all letters are the same
Really none of that is true.

You can use different fonts
You can also combine letters in different ways and that’s different

It is so easy for me to create a letter
I just press a key
What do I feel when I write an a?
It really feels the same as writing a j
Writing a solon feels different because
Two fingers

Its good I am good with my hands because
My eyesight is failing
I am so very happy I did not have to read the text on corsets because I could not read the text
Even though there was really nothing there I did not know
Because all letters are the same

Words I use a lot include: you and because and the
Maybe I should use some other more poetic words
Flowers dream fragrances
That’s all I got

This piece ran away from me
I intended to write about correspondences
not letters

A correspondence can actually help you
It can help you select what tool to handle

So like Mondays correspond to pink, the sycamore tree, the letter U, the font Bodoni, and the Manual definition:”to be wielded by another, to be wielded on a whim.”

Manuals are hard to read so sometimes you need a key