Rules and Art


I am listening to this great lecture by Pat Lipsky – I participate in her painting class at the Arts Students League.

Anyway – why is art with shock value more popular today than art that is beautiful.

One thought is taste, i would really call this an epistemological issue – that people don’t know what beautiful is. I’m not say I do – but that there is something call beautiful and it involves knowledge and its hard to know.

What I think is this… In the lecture Pat I think quotes Kant “Genius is a talent for reproducing that for which there are no definite rules”

So somewhere people got confused. Art became about breaking rules rather than about doing something that has no rules.

And that my friends is what shock art is

thank you for reading

to quote Rousseau – “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains”

also there is freeportism – art is a form of exchange