We are going to have a new moon in scorpio on the 4th. I was reading an astrologer friend say that scorpio is called the edge walker.

Edges are very interesting.

In games of chance you always want to find an edge. (probably in any game really)

In modernist paintings we talk about the picture plane, color, and edges,

When one of my kids were young they would play with trains a lot and always ask what is an edge (with regard to a train track).

There are other places I could go with this – but I wont (edging) ok maybe i will

In graph theory you have verticies and edges.

Also you can edge towards someone – slowly approach them – how is this like an edge.

I read yesterday in a book on Freud that systems are made so that there is an inside and an outside -I don’t agree with this -but boundaries are also edges.

  1. A thin, sharpened side, as of the blade of a cutting instrument.
  2. The degree of sharpness of a cutting blade.
  3. A penetrating, incisive quality.
  4. A slight but noticeable sharpness, harshness, or discomforting quality.
  5. Keenness, as of desire or enjoyment; zest.
  6. The line or area farthest away from the middle: synonym: border.
  7. The line of intersection of two surfaces.

From the online dictionary

I am reading a lot of Owen Barfield at the moment – and apparently the word Focus originally meant hearth.

What does the word edge originally mean -well from old English – sword.

But from Greek we have

…akros “at the end, at the top, outermost; consummate, excellent,” akis “sharp point,” akros “at the farthest point, highest, outermost,” akantha “thorn,” akme “summit, edge,” oxys “sharp, bitter;” Sanskrit acri- “corner, edge,” acani- “point of an arrow,” asrih “edge;” Oscan akrid (ablative singular) “sharply;” Latin acer (fem. acris) “sharp to the senses, pungent, bitter, eager, fierce,” acutus “sharp, pointed,” acuere “to sharpen,” acerbus “harsh, bitter,” acere “be sharp, be bitter,” acus “a needle, pin,” ocris “jagged mountain;” Lithuanian ašmuo “sharpness,” akstis “sharp stick;” Old Lithuanian aštras, Lithuanian aštrus “sharp;” Old Church Slavonic ostru, Russian óstryj “sharp;” Old Irish er “high;” Welsh ochr “edge, corner, border;” Old Norse eggja “goad;” Old English ecg “sword;” German Eck “corner.””

Steve Jobs was always talking about rounded rects -that is sort of an edge – a corner