Expertism and Do-ocracy and Loop


I was actually going to write about this yesterday but I forgot. I am dragging today. I am not sure why. I stopped drinking coffee in December but yesterday and today I could have really used a cup. Today I broke down and had some black tea -puer.

So on to expertism and the Do-ocracy and how to organize. I have been very interested in organizations and leadership, especially since my last job in “change management” and my current job as a “leader.” My friend Camille participated in this talk and it really resonated. It basically is about how to run egalitarian organizations – organizations were people are not differentiated by role or expertise or how much or how little they contribute. There are different strategies that panelists have for group admission – but once people are in the group they are valued as individual humans not with what they can do or contribute.

Can anyone be a leader? I recommend Every Cook Can Govern by CLR James. Although I want to feel like am special – I am special because everyone is special – not because I have some special leadership power… I also think that anyone can be a leader.

I am also reading Loop by by Brenda Lozano. I am sucked in by this book. . It is post-modern but in the most elegant and natural way – not precious I love the references to Proust and Beckett – I feel like the narrator and I are part of the same lineage.