Thinking about Communication

  1. I am twitching at 4 days a week. Twitching during a live stream – even when there is no one watching – is really leveling up my programing practice for two reasons.

Narrating what I am doing helps me understand what I am doing and to find better ways to improve – it provides transparency to my process. It reminds me of teachings. When teaching yoga for example you need to explain how to do each kriya and it is a much different experience than just practicing yoga. You get an inner and more nuanced understanding.

I am less likely to write garbage code. Since someone might watch, I take extra care to write good code. Its kind of nuts that I can only behave in the panopticon but it is a good thing to know about myself. I also take care of my environment and use tmux and my nice vi config.

2. I started my newsletter again – It’s going to be short and I hope fun. I am experimenting with different forms of communication – twitch, medium, my blog, my secret blog you can only access with my token (which I will gladly send you if you sign up for my postcard project

3. My favorite type of communication is one on one though. This could be hanging out, conversation, carousing, or pair programming.