M&A week 3: Ani*mystic angels


I was reading Aya’s post from last week and I was struck by two things.

“I can play with the energetic imprint something has.”

“When we direct our full attention on a flower, a child, a project idea, a lover, an illness–we might learn quite a bit about how to proceed.”

The protocol at the end for creating ritual.

I will weave this in as I meditate on chapter 3: technology as habitat.

One of the thought-forms I enjoy thinking with is the dichotomy between technique and technology. Ritual is technique – ie how we use technology. In chapter 3, an example of technique is the protocols for calling the angels. Also it is the list of rules at the end of Aya’s post, it is also the method of directing our attention. We can call attention in general a technology.

Is the protocol the technology or the technique? Good question – it feels fluid. The skrying bowl is technology though.

But really the question in this chapter is what’s an angel, what’s a UFO, what’s loch ness? These are all related to our experience and perception of these things. In Chapter 1 Gordon talked about how machines worked to disenchant the world. Machines as habitat enchant the world. Machines become aliens when we use them for our environment.

What is a habitat and how is that different from general technology usage?

Gordon does not really talk about this in this chapter, but this is what I think about. What is the difference between the enchanting of technology and the disenchantment of technology?

If I were to take a stab at it from reading this chapter, I would say that it involves play. And then I will bring back that quote from Aya: “I can play with the energetic imprint something has.” It is about being open to the many experiences that arise from technology.

There is a quote in this chapter that I cannot find that describes how the bottom of a boat becomes encrusted with sea habitat. This is technology as habitat. The sea and its denizens play with the boat. They integrate the boat. They experience the boat in a way that integrates in their environment.

The protocol to angel contact, although portrayed as rigous in chapter 3 – has game logic! Games are play! How do you create the game? Maybe it is through these magic words, these magic circles.

Where do we come from? We are technology turned habitat. Technology becoming alien become home. The dialectic is that.

This post is a bit disjoined but chapter 3 was long with many ideas. All these disjointed thoughts are different ways to approach technology as habitat. They are facets of a diamond, they are becoming part of my habitat.