Cantos 3& 4


I have zero energy.l have negetropy. And now I think of Keats and THAT WORD that eluded me. I looked through Wikipedia, through the life of keats. NOTHING. But searched Keats idea theory -negative capability.

I don’t even know what negative capability IS – although the blogosphere was all lit up with it a few years ago. It is letting the mystery be. I feel that – I am full of negative capability. Negative capability brown is my new name. That or Finn Finkelstein or Meredith Finn or Finn Meredith. Finnith.

What is happening in the cantos 3 and 4? They are themselves. I am reading about the birth of dryas and nymphs from oaks and water. The Dryas – the younger dryas – which is also the ice age. Dryas is a plant in the Rose family – Rosaceae – native to the artic. The winter rose of Grimm.

We move from myth and the creation of elementals or supernatural to El Cid! I read El Cid when one of my parents was in the hospital in my 20s. Which one? I think my mother. It is hard for me to order memories these days. This is why I am a computer programmer – it does the ordering for you. Also why I so enjoy a good seder.

Do I have to spell it out?I am going to leave it all in negative capabilities.

Seals and Gates and towers and sand and all I can think is of Lord of the Rings.

“Drear waste, the pIgment flakes from the stone, Or plaster flakes, Mantegna pamted the wall Sxlk tatters, ” Nee Spe Nee Metu ‘ Without hope – without fear

The fourth canto and we are back in Troy! “And by the curved, carved foot of the couch, claw-foot and hon head, an old man seated” I had a dream once – perhaps a recurring dream of a claw-foot tub in a beautiful home. on Dorchester in hyde park with a beautiful door knocker and there was a secrete here. To get back to this house! Dreams are part of the eternal return.

Very architectural very stoney – is canto 4. 4 is the number of the builder. It is my life number.

Repetition – glitter, trees, tis, ivory, shadows, vidal, blaze, muttering, Actaeon, nymphs- a fish scale roof – what is in the collective unconscious? Flaking off

A pine! A white pine? A red pine? A locus a lotuss

“One scarlet flower IS cast on the blanch-whIte stone” a bit obvious Ezra

We move back to the Chinese – the Chinese wind – and then the greeks again – Danae

is Ezra just showing how clever? what of the language Is it hard to enjoy when you know everything is a reference an index – a bunch of fingers pointing?