Experiment 23 — Draw art inspired by…


I have been thinking about my let their be light experiment.

That is my favorite. I forget which experiment that is.

I want to get back to that. I am reading a book about feminst art of the 70s and I am thinking about Yoko Ono. But What I did was write

>create a python program inspired by sol lewitt


I repeated this with cy twombly and jackson pollock



Guess which is which!

ChatGPT has trouble adding ending parenthesis if there are more than 1.

Experiment 22- Hold me closer tiny dancer


Today I wanted to do something about dance. I was at the yale CCAM event — super inspired — and started thinking again about dance. Someone presented on dance and created dance pieces to express certain mental states or forms of consciousness. Do we the audience have to know the mental state experienced by the dancer? Is this a form of communication or just self-expression — or is it just communication between the dancers? Only the people in the dance share consciousness.

When I did my experiment today I was thinking about context windows and how my prompts changed and were historical (maybe Hegelian maybe Marxists) Prompts have a history!

This is called the context window

> create a dance in code


next prompt

>have it be a dance step and sequence

When I wrote this, I only got one ball. I have not included the code. But it was disappointing. However, the sequence notion is preserved in the code I have committed, and I believe that is interesting. Perhaps I should have written to make it like square dancing or a famous ballet -Swan Lake.

>what shall i call this dance

This was interesting:

Naming a dance can be a creative and personal process. You can choose a name that reflects the style, mood, or theme of the dance. Here are some name ideas for the dance sequence I provided in the previous example:

  1. “Rhythmic Elegance”
  2. “Step Harmony”
  3. “Syncopated Motion”
  4. “Circles of Joy”
  5. “Dance of Unity”
  6. “Flowing Harmony”
  7. “Whimsical Waltz”
  8. “The Pixelated Performance”
  9. “Algorithmic Ballet”
  10. “Digital Dance Reverie”

Feel free to pick a name that resonates with the character and spirit of your dance sequence or come up with your own unique name that captures its essence. OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT [Large language model]. https://chat.openai.com

>add multple dancers

this prompt actually did not work

>hold me closer tiny dancer in code

Each prompt built on the previous prompt — this is the context window I suppose.

The context window is the AI’s memory.