Experiment 28 -Transduction and Language


One of the things that interests me most — you could say it is my driving force — or my critique — is the phase transition. The boundary between one thing type of thing and another.

When does a person become a man or a woman or non binary or something else, when does a script become a program, when does water become steam?

Some of these phases are human constructs and some are laws of physics. Some of these phases only exist within other phases that themselves are can move to another phase and render everything non-sensical.

Why does it interest me?

I have been listening to the human origin lectures at Mimbres — which is mindblowing — and someone mentioned that the fundamental questions of philosophy are — what is it to be human, and what is money. I am thinking about this. I argue in my mind — what about what does it mean to be good, (ethics),but that could be part of what it is to be human. I also think about questions of epistemology — how do I know what I know (but also based on being human perhaps), or what does it mean to be (perhaps what does it mean to be a human).

In the human origins class — we are looking at the archaeological record and spurious conclusions. Can we look at the record and understand what it is to be human.

When I look at this question I think in terms of phase transitions.

What is it to be a human and not a chimp (or Australopithecine)?

What is it to be a house and not a temple, or a house of government and not a temple? What is it to be agricultural vs hunter gatherers.

These questions are formed in contrasts. When does one thing become a another. One of the myths we have is the Metamorphosis from Ovid — when one thing becomes another. When ariadne becomes a spider.

So it is both about the category, the object that is changing from one category to another, but it is about the threshold, the boundary that separates one thing from another, and the function, the operation that moves one object from one category to another.

I wonder what is this — is this mereology (the study of parts and the whole), is this just ontology or epistemology (or metaphysics), or is this something else.

I think of this as transduction rather than transformation,”The act of leading or carrying over” from the internet VS transform “To change markedly the appearance or form of. OR To change the nature, function, or condition of; convert: synonym: convert” also from the internet.

I am interested in the act of carrying over — the function of transformation.

Why am I writing this today — who knows.

I took an oblique look at randomness today and sort of thought of cyphers and language. I asked chat to

>rewrite this poem with graphics and shapes instead of words — make this a representation of a language without letters

This chat took a few iterations to produce something I was looking for

When does one language become another?

code on github

keep going