Hi I’m Meredith. I am a co-founder of fashion juggernaut Print All Over Me (paom.com), of Kokowa (kokowa.co), a platform for self-publishing virtual reality and 3D worlds, 13Bit Productions (13bit.com) an independent production company, and the Botmatrix (therobotparade.com), a robotic hacktivism group.

As a researcher, I am interested in the phenomenological experience of technological innovation as it expresses itself in film, interactive design, and poetry, as well as technological and digital objects  as a cultural artifacts themslves. I  build tools to carry out research, and situate my findings within the larger body of philosophical literature. In particular, this means the metaphysics and aesthetics of machine learning and AI, the economic and ethical implications of robotics, blockchain, and IoT, and the ontology of complexity theory.  I also have a dream of building a programming language for quantum computing.

As a technologist and entrepreneur, I have worked at the intersection of economics, technology, and culture for over a decade. I currently advise and consult on a number of blockchain and IOT initiatives in the arts, food supply chain, and finance.  I love talking tech and teaching workshops around NYC and hanging out at hacker spaces.  Feel free to  contact me via this blog, or meredith at paom dot com.