Readers of Audiobooks


I am a big listener of audiobooks. I listen while I cook while I am laying down with the kids, while I’m on airplanes, trains, and automobiles – you get the idea…

Last year I obsessively listened to podcasts but the pendulum has swung. It is the difference between reading a New Yorker article vs a book.   My favorite audiobook reader is Anton lesser. He ready paradise lost. It’s fantastic !  He was also Thomas More in the BBC production of Wolf Hall.  But audio books is really where he shines.

I am currently listening to Jung, Memory Dreams and Reflections narrated by James Cameron Stewart.  He is also … fantastic.   

I listen to mainly non-fiction on audiobook. Fiction I find difficult to listen to, especially when the author uses different voices for different characters.

Although when I was a little girl I made my family listen to forward the foundation on audible read by Issac Asimov in his Brooklyn accent on a trip to visit the grandparents in DC.

They did not enjoy the narration and  I was banned from selecting audio for family trips.
I however loved this personal reading from one of my favorite series – The Foundation.

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