I was going to blog about the philosopher Simondon, but I became distracted by my Cockatiel research. I have become obsessed with getting a bird.  I am not sure why, but I think it started with my mushroom box. I some how feel like I need more nature in my life.

I attempted to signup up for flower deliveries, that have not been successfully delivered yet, and I am waiting for my mushrooms to fruit so I can get the entire back to the roots homesteader kit (if anyone wants to get me a gift).  Does the fish come with the fishtank?? I started googling pet fish and saw these GloFish ™ on petsmart  – are these genetically modified fish??

Anyway, I moved from fish to birds, although if I become the owner of the homesteader kit, I will need a fish as well.  I did some research and decided that perhaps a Cockatiel would be idea.  A rescue cockatiel at that!  I am not an impulsive person, or a pet person, and all of this seems very out of character for me.  But there is something exciting about breaking out of character. And doesn’t that Cockatiel look cute??


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