Logic and The Blockchain


I have been thinking about different proof protocols in the blockchain. So different systems have different methods of verification. With the blockchain, we want to verify that a digital currency is not spent twice, so we need to have some consensus algorithm to determine who has the correct digital currency transaction (or list of transactions).

There are a bunch off different types of consensus proofs. Proof of Work, that who ever does some work first has the proof, because who would do all that hard work if they were a bad actor (this is simplistic), Proof of Stake, people that have the most verify the transactions, because they have the most at stake in the system so they have the most at stake in having correct transactions (and no fraud), and then proof of authority, that is one person  or node decides what the right transaction is. This is also called a private blockchain.

There are some very interesting parallels to this sort of thinking and the sort of thinking involved in judging an argument, judging data, judging a scientific theory, judging a post of facebook.

It is different from the Aristotelean syllogism where the proof was itself in the argument.  In this case the proof stands outside the system. There is a judge and the judge abides by certain rules.

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