I have been journaling for a few years now and I am not quite sure what I am doing. I rarely look back over my journals, and I do not have a reason behind journaling.  No matter what I do it is always recommended that I journal.

When I started doing Kung Fu, it was recommended that I keep a kung fu journal and write down thoughts about my sparring. When I was playing chess, it was recommended I keep a chess journal. When people lose weight, or try to lose weight, they are encouraged to keep a food journal. I have not been encouraged to keep a music journal but I imagine that too would be encouraged.

I just keep a journal where I write (and draw) every day.

Something about this seems futile.

What am I doing? Is this contact with my soul, is this work towards a wholistic creation, or is this just like doing morning push ups -an exercise – not the work but preparation for the work. And if it is preparation for the work, am I exercising the right muscles.  Is the preparation for the work the work itself? Or through working you create THE WORK. But I supposed if this is correct then we must work correctly.

All this must see very cryptic. But I have decided to change things up. First off, I am going re-read my journals weekly with a meditation on the weekly thoughts. When  I am completely done with one with one journal, I will reread it and transfer those things I find most moving to a larger book.

I am finding my journals becoming more multimedia. I started making crochet and knitting in the books, these may be re-created in some form in a final book, or just left in the original journal.  When I am moved to I will journal after yoga, as I feel so moved to these days, or after playing music.

Why? What is the purpose? I am not sure – but I am interested now in the idea of reworking in addition to working. So why not experiment with that.


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