Milieu and Mood


I feel like these are the modes of 21st century philosophy and I might be late to the game.  I figure the last big philosophical revolution was Deleuze and the notion that everything is style (note style is not form and this is my pet theory).

There is also the unnoticed revolution of Flusser and the notion of the techno-image which supplants the SUBJECT-OBJECT distinction with the PROJECT.

My whole problem with the PROJECT is that it is arbitrary. To use another au courant term – it is contingent. Context is contingent. This makes it unstable, or ungrounded, or flimsy.  Since we can no longer rely on truth to figure out what is correct, we need another form of judgement or consensus. Not each project is equal. How are they unequal? And what quality does this unequality exhibit?

There are a few ways we could go with this.  The first being – what is a project. Well, it is a world. Ok what kind of world. We have different worlds. We have simulated worlds that are constructed by rules, and we have environments (moods and milieus ) that are constructed by perception. We probably have other kinds or worlds too, but there are two kinds of people in the world and I am one of them.

I am reading Program Earth -because I owned it for years – and then I had a dream that I had to read it. This book is about the construction of milieus through sensors – like heat sensors and cameras etc to collect data about an ecosystem and present a world.  Creatures are dying or creatures are living or biodiversity is increasing or whatever the story is.

The milieu shifts as the sensors calibrate and the data is pruned and aggregated according to its own algorithms as well.   Both the sensors and the raw data is calibrated into the conscious act of world building or milieu building.

What is the landscape as perceived by the sensors and delineated by the data? It is probably not like Turner’s seascapes? Does it matter for us to aesthetically view these worlds? Are these worlds even for human consumption or are they for machine consumption or policy consumption or capitalist consumption? Is there anything involving pleasure in the creation of a landscape?

This is world building through data collection and calibration.  Calibration has now replaced cybernetics as the feedback loop that regulates a system. The sensors are the way we create the world.  Is every world equally useful?  What is the criterion here for using one world over another?

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