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Weekly Goals


This past week I was able to accomplish some of my goals – a web deployment of an NFT, and did not accomplish another goal – a toy project related to conscious computation, keep up to date with Fast AI. I added and maintained some other goals related to education rather than production: work through cryptokitties, work through cryptopals, learn terraform. And I did add and achieve some goals related to community: continue my weekly blockchain working group (although only Amy attended),  started a weekly conference workshop – to workshop conference or meetup talks, and I started pair programming with Ben on OpenZeppelin deep dives.

A blockchain reading group started for Thurs at 10. This week was a deep dive into ethereum, but some fellow recursers posted links to bitcoin tutorials  and of course the original bitcoin paper.  Ben here at recurse is building his own blockchain from the bitcoin white paper.  I think it would be cool to have a cryptozombies for actual blockchain creation.

Last week my goal for week 3 was a deep dive into webpack and deployment. If I end up building the prayer coin in rust then I will then I will not do a deep dive into webpack.

This week my goals are  – I would like to reduce this to 5 things, because this is a lot. But we will see what I can get done.

  1. To release a medium article / tutorial on created a react web dapp based on my unpaid labor coin.  I would like to extend eventually beyond ReactJS and look at Rust (Tower) and perhaps Haskell.
  2. Work on UI beautification and continue building out the features of prayer coin. Instead of a deep dive into webpack, build the ui in Rust and maybe take  a look at some of the 0x utilities that Sarah posted on zulip.
  3. Deploy one toy open source project related to conscious computation. Ideas include finishing the virtual  prayer wheel, a musical integration with mastadon, or a python module that creates prayers from a corpus of prayers, or analyzes the structure of prayers.
  4. Contribute to a rust open source project – probably Tower
  5. Continue with the educational and community projects.
  6. This week is the RC hackathon. I may try and work with Tenor on his suite of mesh network deployment of build tools. Or Maybe an RC coin – not sure what that would be used for.


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