In the weeds


Today I fired up aws and set up an IPv6 machine to access the heap at Recurse.  I was assisted in the anaconda in stall by Mari’s blog post.  I have to fix the tunneling so that the Jupyter notebook works.  I think this would be a perfect terraform project –  and I’ve put it on the docket for Thursday.

I continued to add some functions to the PrayerCoin contract. Ben and I played around with 0x Relays, launched RCCC (recurse center coin) on Ropsten, and generated a some wallets, per truffle requirements, with mnemonics.   We are almost ready to trade RCCC on the 0x Relay.  I am a rebuilding my dapp deployment to create a framework for automating  react/truffle dapp creation. I sort of have an idea of something like glitch for dapps. But I am not going to let this distract me from the prayer coin.  HOWEVER, if I can create tools to help build prayer coin, or help people build PrayerCoin dapps – all the better.

I made some progress with my Transduction music app, after breaking and then fixing the Mastodon integration.  Integration with Euterpea has been slow going. I am finally making it to the exercises portion of The Haskell School of Music.  I had some difficulties getting the examples in the book working but when I discovered the examples github repo, everything ran much more smoothly.

Amy and I brainstomed about webrings, an early web phenomena when people linked their sites together as sort of a discovery tool.  Is there any role for a webring today? Most curation is done by automation and tagging. There is something interesting about someone creating a home grown ‘webring’. What is the content that will be strung together today? Probably not websites.  I am curious to see what Amy creates.

A group of people are going to pair program this weekend on pwnable.  This looks super cool but I have zero time to devote to it. I went through the first lecture on consistent hashing from Tim Roughgarden.  I remember first starting to use hashtables and it was like a secret super power.  Consistent hashing is this times a lot.

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