Ooops – bug in day one of NLP Python


There was a bug in my code for first day NLP python, which I realized when I started doing my next experiment.

The text that was used was only Moby Dick, but the frequency distributions came from the individual texts. So if you look at the poem you will see that the reason why the stanzas are different is that the words selected by frequency distributions are from different corpuses BUT the words themselves are all from Moby Dick.  This ended up working.

This new poem pulls both the new distributions and new texts from the different texts:

text1: Moby Dick by Herman Melville 1851
text2: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen 1811
text3: The Book of Genesis
text4: Inaugural Address Corpus
text5: Chat Corpus
text6: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
text7: Wall Street Journal
text8: Personals Corpus
text9: The Man Who Was Thursday by G . K . Chesterton 1908

It is not so different Рmaybe there is still a bug. It gets a bit weird in the middle which I like. I am not so sure the last poem was a mistake but a happy accident. It is an interesting idea to explore- taking frequency distributions from  other corpuses and using them on different lexicons. Maybe I will explore that more.

foul four woods
foul four woods
circumstances significance encountering Nevertheless superstitious

four woods hanging
four looking eligible
endeavoured recommended Somersetshire respectable acquaintance

Leah four hath
Leah four hath
Peradventure circumcised peradventure buryingplace everlasting

four aegis Until
four looking Western
contributed circumstances accomplishment acquisition willingness

woods lord Elev
fingers here kids
#14-19teens ))))))))))))) #talkcity_adults Compliments )))))))))))

four Until Winter

Heights four railing
four Western regional
contributed standardized headquarters substantially acquisition

children outings Non
children Seeking to

yellow four Does
yellow four Does
information considerable impatiently intellectual astonishment

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