Kickstarter Creative Residency


Jesse and I, as part of print all over me are doing a creative residency at Kickstarter. I love kickstarter. I remember years ago when kickstarter was kickstartr and I was like – why didn’t I think of that! Such a great solution to a problem. Print all over me in part started because people were having problems fulfilling kickstarted manufacturing projects.  I love the vibe at kickstarter. The space is beautiful, they have a garden, a library, free kombucha! The people that work there all seem fascinating individuals. Kickstarter has built such an amazing culture – it really something to admire.

At Kickstarter, ostensibly we will be working on a mental health card game based on DBT. DBT is a treatment for borderline personality disorder and cannot be entirely treaded with psychotropic drugs. It is about the dialectic between being who you are and changing.The tag line in something like: You are perfect just the way you are, just change.

However as we are doing this part of me wants to kickstart a line of code metal tee shirts, or gender fluid jumpsuits.

One thing I am going to focus on is conscious computation and a lot of the work I started at Recurse.  At the end of my time there, I am considering kickstarting the prayer blockchain glowing orb!  I am also thinking about the ideas around conscious computation, and some of the ideas around anthropology  – like the idea of prayer tech and perhaps turning that into something, perhaps a podcast, series of classes, or website.

The other residents are fascinating, one person is working on erotica, another on sci fi comics, another on African American farmers,  I could go on. I just cannot wait to talk with the other folks and learn more about what they are doing.


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