Last Day of RC


Today is the Last Day of RC and we are “never graduating”.  It is bittersweet. I feel like I have developed great habits to continue going forward as I work on “conscious computation”, and create a “technical practice”. BUT as I realize with all these group type things the most important thing is the people and the people at RC are truly an excellent bunch and I will miss seeing them every day.  Apart from being fascinating and brilliant, they are just lovely people.

The whole thing about the internet is that you no longer encounter serendipity. You search for the things you want, talk to the people you know and generally exist in an echo chamber. You can work to expose yourself to different views, but all of this is very depersonalized and you end up just consuming information.

Recommendation algorithms try to introduce serendipity, and there was that old site stumble upon that tried to do the same. But I enjoy to learn by having conversations with people – and I may learn best in this way as well. In everyday life you generally converse with the same limited group of people.  Recurse breaks you out of that. There is a tug between being diverted from your project and learning new things. But, quite frankly what a good problem to have. Thank you Recurse.

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