Requests for Dances! Art of Python! April 17 in Pittsburgh


I am down here in Dallas getting ready to teach another amazing CI/CD Dojo! I just binge read two management books on the airplane and feel up on the latest terminology. I might post something later. I was fascinated by a section on culture while reading Accelerate. There is a discussion of how to measure culture and how this feeds into productivity. I am interested in the construction of culture at the moment, however this seems slightly nefarious. But that is nothing new. Plato also wanted to manufacture culture — and keep the poets out of The Republic

In any case, I would love to see a dance piece at art of python. I have been meditating on this.  I would love to see a dance pieces that interpret CI/CD pipelines, build processes, Make files, even Docker containers. Art of Python is April 17th. There is still time! I think this is beautiful, how to perform a DAG.  We could even expand this to be dances inspired by different types of computational processes / theory of complexity/computation. I am thinking here of Scott Aaronson’s book Quantum Computing Since Democritus.

I know there are inspired dancers and choreographers out there that want to bring humanity to computation.

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