Art and Music And Technology


This is a broad topic… let me tell you a story.

Yesterday I was binge listening to Hermitix podcasts. The episode with musician and theorist Francois Bonnet stuck in my head particularly. And I thought of a few things…

a) There has been a ton of technological innovation in music: phonograph, recording devices, electric instruments, midi, music synthesis. However all of this still falls under the header of music. There is something very broad about music… and unified. A symphony recorded and played back, a symphony played with an electric violin, with prepared piano, with midi, with a synth, is still a symphony.

2) There has also been a ton of technological innovation in the visual arts: the photograph, different printmaking technologies (silk screening), filmmaking, animation, compositing. But this this does not fall under the header of painting. A photograph of a painting is a photograph, a recording of a symphony is a symphony. Why is that?

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