Art and Music and Technology and Abstraction


Another very seductive header. A few post ago I wrote about the diagonal with Mondrian and how diagonals do not work. What is going on?

I am thinking about the renaissance about the revolution in perspective. Perspective expressed visually an experience of space that people had BUT it is not the only expression of space.

What is abstract art doing?

Well it is the expression of what it is in someone’s mind, their body… BUT what IS that a representation of?

So here is a theory. Lets say we believe in some sort of kantian transcendentalism, that there are categories through which we perceive the world. These categories can be eternal structures ,they can evolve (a la Hegel), they can be co-created by us living in the world and with our instruments (phenomenology/post phenomenology) … but the main thing is that perception is mediated … there is an interface.

So what are we painting when we paint abstract? We are panting the interface. We are painting the medium. We are painting the transcendental categories of experience.

Also I had a very interesting discussion about K-Space & Gaussian is a way to break down the visual plane like FFTs break down the musical plane.

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