EPO – the ever present origin – the first paragraph


At the beginning of covid I read the book The Listening Society by Hanzi Freinacht. I really loved it. There were other people I had read that were referenced in this book, Ken Wilbur, Claire Graves, but I started reaching out… on the net to learn more about the author and these ideas… I came upon the world of integral. Which is really not considered serious for serious philosophers. And I am a serious person, but I am also frivolous and I enjoy these works.

Anway in my wanderings along the Integral dark web – I mean the integral left – I mean – you get the picture -maybe … I read Jean Gebser’s The Ever Present Origin (EPO). I liked it fine. But it was not my favorite, it did not impact me like some of the other books I had read, like perhaps the listening society, or other works – like this great small book I read on Cezanne by Roger Fry. So I am taking Jeremy Johnson’s class doing deep reading of EPO. What am I missing.

Today we did a deep reading of the first paragraph. The prompt was sort of how does the the passage make you feel. It reminded me of a philosophical discussion I participated in (during covid) where we all ready a line from some philosopher and talked about how it made us feel – It was a john Verbaeke exercise.

Cultivating Wisdom with John Vervaeke #6
Cultivating Wisdom with John Vervaeke #7

I was trying to be present with the paragraph but I am going to now tell you what my mind.

origin – donna haraway, here now – hegel, concretizing – simondon, continuous vs discrete, eternal, why the word origin, outside of time, bergson is inside time, what does it mean to be outside time – what does it mean to be a container that is not a container

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