The Left hand of Darkness -the chapter after the sex chapter


I loved how Aya framed the last discussion around free will. That really had an impact on me. What is the relationship between sex and free will, desire and free will. Desire seems something beyond instinct. Anyway now onto the chapter after sex.

As I read this chapter I felt like I was walking up a large hill. The sun was on my back, sweat was streaming down my face mingling with dust and a putrid oder eminated from my sandles. And then I got to the top and there was a cool mountain lake that I jumped in – NAKED – and then jumped in a toboccan – yes it was there – and I slid down fast while snowflakes that tasted like candy cane flew into my mouth.

What did happen in this chapter? Well we met estravan again! (we also met his kemmer again). We also learn things obliquely … This is a queer book as in Sarah Ahmed.

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