The Last Part – The Left Hand of Darkness


Aya writes: “it has been a long while since i was so devasted upon finishing a book.” I feel this too. For me the book is a love story. A classic love story where there is no actual consumation of love only longing….

Aya also writes: “i’m curious about the purpose of the place-inside-the-blizzard, that weird gray space that came upon the two doomed travelers as they crossed the ice field” The light and darkness is not balanced by gray but erased … there is no escaping polarity…

I have difficulty telling my left from my right. Handedness is called chirality and the universe is slightly left handed, that means there is a left handed directionality to the universe. In four dimensions there is no chirality – left handed and right handed only exists in three dimensions.

The light the dark the male the female the yin the yang … these are all polarities. Polarities are reflections of one another. In the book it says something like light is the left hand of darkness. Negation connects polarities. Male is not female. What about the third way or the multiplicity…

What is the gender of Genly to the gender of those on Winter? Winter is one of four seasons.

Numbers on winter have a meaning… Perhaps polarity makes us quantitative instead of qualitative.

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