Music Generation & I have no idea what I want to write about


Sometimes I dont know what to write until I start writing. That is sort of irritating. I would like to imagine that I have an idea of what I want to express first and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. But as I start writing now I realize I do have something to express. WOW!

Sometimes I also dont know how to respond to people and how to have conversations and I get anxious and then I really dont know what to express – this sort of sucks. I feel pressure I feel fear and then whatever comes out of my mouth is banal and I feel like an idiot. All this

Right now as I started writing I thought of the generative music project I am working on. 100 years ago when I was dewey and 24 – I worked on a collaboration with amazing women on musical robots – dbots. These were robots made out of cell phones and they played a generative dtmf song – it was amazing.

What is good generative music? I am workin on something now with Stephen Williams

Have a listen – what famous classical piece do you think this is based on?

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