Tools for Personal Mythology


I am looking through things I have written drawn read collected entertained etc over the past year to understand where I have been and where I am going…

I drew some pretty crazy maps that I don’t have with me so I cannot post them.

I imagine this exercise as creating a personal mythology.

At first this felt onerous … however this should be fun.

I am creating a book – I call it “The Book of Meredith” … even though it is only from about Nov 2019 to Nov 2021. And although I am calling the process creating a personal mythology what I really imagine myself is redaction – preparing something for publication

Whenever something feels like too much work with this experiment, I change what I am doing and I do easy…

What is the smallest action I can take …

I want to ask questions at the margins … Why does something feel like too much- how can we shift that…

I originally thought that maybe I wanted to do this ‘Book of Meredith’ with other people. We could make and exchange our books with one another. But this felt like a pain to organize. I am sort of more interested in discussing personal mythology and redaction and making a syllabus … if other people want to make books and then we can share books – that would be cool too.

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