Live Coding on Twitch


Today is the new moon in Aquarius – it is also the Chinese new year – the year of the tiger. I have decided to see if I can live code on twitch ( every day for the next 30 days.

I have been working on a lot of software projects lately. Some are on public repos – some are not.

One thing I got back into was writing generative audio and video. For this project, and really for most projects, I am using python -and if I need a front end I use react. This is not super sexy. I would love to program this in Rust – but it is much easier for me to use python and get it done quickly. I am using midi for audio and to manipulate the audio I am using the mido library for video. I was working on that today.

I notice then when I code I don’t always talk… so that will be something I have to work on. To narrate what I do while I code. Also some of my code is really ugly – but I have let that go. Maybe this exercise will force me to do some refactoring.

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