The Trouble With IPFS and Python


The saga continued today… on I attempted to web3 ify ex-worlding. By web3ify I mean that you don’t log in – you connect your wallet to the site (its safe). And if you create a world, this is the user associated with the world. Otherwise worlds are anonymous.

Also by web3ify I mean we don’t use databases. We just use ipfs – which is a database – and probably less secure – but its web3.

I have made a bunch of sites before that connect to a wallet but this is my first time creating a site that connects to ipfs. And it is a pain. I am writing this in python. I had an old version of the ipfs daimon installed. A lot of sites said to upgrade this – so I did. Thanks homebrew – I am on a mac. Then I was using a client library ipfshttpclient. I apparently was using an old version so I force installed version 7. Pip used to handle package dependencies I think but maybe I am deluded. Anyway it clashed with some other library. I uninstalled that library and then did a clean install of the new ipfshttclient and everything seemed ok.

Until I got an error that my ipfs daemon version (11 – the latest) was not supported yet.

I just threw in the towel. I fired up my trusty request for humans library. I mean this is why we cant have nice things and I still use vi. Things seemed to g a little better – I got a 400 error – which is still an error but I think I was getting a 503 error before (a gateway error – which is worse -imho). At least here I am connecting with the ipfs gateway – I think.

Anyway- it still did not work because it needs a keyword file. I tried a few things that did not work – and this error is logged on the internets – from October 21. I do feel like have made progress. I wrote this blog post while finishing my twich live stream. And now I am going to close it out with a yoga kriya.

Happy Full Moon in Leo Folks – be bold and use conditioner even if you are bald.

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