Day 1/30 solidity in public


Solidity 101

I have mucked around with solidity for years but still don’t feel solid.

This month I am coding examples scaffold-eth every day on,

Today was day 1 and this is what I learned 🧵👇


It takes a long time to clone

•I think I should have done the cooking show technique and pre-downloaded it

But this gave me time to pay closer attention to the solidity contracts

#2: What is the goal?

No cut and paste CODE!

• Week 1 go through the basic exercises

• Week 2 build a staking app on buidl guide

• Week 3 build a dex

This is pretty ambitious — go BIG or go home!

#3: What did we learn today?

The repo is still cloning as we speak, we learned a lot

• 3 types of variables: local, state & global (ie blockchain)

• Gas fee logic (non-linearly related to # of statements & more) —

• Beanstalk was hacked 😦

TL;DR: A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

Today I took one step along with some folks

• We installed the scaffolding-eth repo

• Made a Plan

• Learned some things

Want to learn solidity with me? Follow me @hackerm0m and join on twitch every day this month!

Read this post and more on my Typeshare Social Blog

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