Pithy market wisdom of the week this week: “A stopped clock is right twice a day.” To which my friend Sunita says – except for Cosmic Alarm clock – it is right all the time. Here is her podcast – I was on it – and it’s fantastic.


This does relate to chapter 3 of Ani*mystic because chapter 3 is about space and time.

First let’s talk about space:

As I am reading Aya’s post from last week. Aya wrote about how we think highly of ourselves but sometimes act shit. I mean I do… and I come up with all kinds of reasons about how it really is not shit – but gold. This is a space distinction – an inside versus outside distinction.

I want to talk briefly about Gordon’s discussion on page 88 about Equivocation. “Equivocation, to equivocate… does not have ‘truth’ as its opposite, but the univocal, the one voice. This is important in modern discussions about nonphilosophy (Laurelle), my own practice/concept of nonleadership, and moving away from polar world of binaries to a world of multiplicities.

I also think this concept is foundational to areas such as data visualization and representation. These are not true/false but equivoational/univocal.

Bodies in space are in relation to one another.When I talk about an inside and an outside to myself I am talking about myself in relationship to myself. To merge the inside with the outside is a univocal experience. But is that what we want in all cases? Is univocal the same as authentic (I would argue no -but lets move on)


Now we are going to talk about time. Gordon describes time, and astronomical time, and egyptian time in particular, as a synching up. Time is NOT a demarkation or a measurement – it is a check list. This is why time is so important in astrological magic because it is about synching up with the true time.

This is where the NUMBER comes in. Number exists, not as with plato as a ratio – the relationship between two sides of a triange. This is spacial remember. Number exists as the duration of a cycle. This is the reality of number. Our numbers have meaning when they describe the duration of a cycle.

Where do protocols come from? What is truth? Does truth exist if we are talking the realm of univocal and equivocal?

These are the wrong questions – the right questions is What is the meaning of these things? And what do these things do? What habitat do they create – and what world do they make for us when we acknowledge them.


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