M&A Book Club – The Singing Springing Lark


So many stories ? Why so many? Part of my personal journey I suppose is relishing in the abundance and the multiplicities. We forget the importance of this in the monoculture we now cultivate.

I forgot how much I love these stories. How I want to make a Grimms fairytale video game. How now the song ‘play a video game’ by Lana Del Rey is in my ears.

The story follows a stupid father and his three daughters. He asks them what they want, and the first wants a diamond the second a pearl and the third a singing springing lark – whatever that is. He can buy the first two but not the last.

Throughout the story I see money. What can money buy? What transactions exist without money? I think about this with cryptocurrency and the possibility of a new way to transact other than debt.

In order to get the lark the father must give his favorite daughter to a lion! Which he does.

As it turned out the lion was really a prince so although the daughter thought she was walking to her doom she walked towards something else. Not sure what – this looks like self-sacrifice to me.

Again one of the other sisters get married and there is a snafu where the lion gets turned into a bird for 7 years. SEVEN! This is a magic number- again. And again, the daughter/wife self sacrifices to go chase after the lion/bird. but this is an example of a woman going on a quest not a man – so I suppose this is interesting different. What is a female questor? I alway think about what is the heroine’s myth – but perhaps this is part of the old culture that we must leave behind for a new collective myth without heroes or heroines but some other story line.

The daughter/sister gets help from the winds, gets magic trinkets, and goes through trials, there is an almost marriage of the lion/bird to another and then the duagher/sister prooves herself.

These stories are all so similar? Why are there so many of them? What is the difference that makes the difference?

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