Experiment 9 – Audio Generation


It seems I forgot to post Experiment 8 to this blog – find it on medium – it generates ascii art.

Today was a bit of a gpt fail. I decided I was going to install the blender python library on my linux machine and do that – but as of now the install is still failing! In the meantime I returned to my csound puttering which I will not officially give up on sinceI have not been able to generate anything that works in a week. I’ll move on to tidal cycles. What I did was generate the sound of the lifecycle of milkweed.

What did I do

Roughly I asked gpt to generate a csound file that represents the lifecycle of milkweed and when the csound file did not work I asked it to use a different programming language. It picked python and the result is in Experiment 9 in my github repo.

The Result is also in that file because I am too lazy to upload it to soundcloud.


I also attempted to generate a visualization of this that looked like an oscilliscope. None of my efforts worked. And then I asked GPT to just generate a video – this also did not work. Sometimes experiments fail.

I do feel super burnt out. But I am pushing through on the daily experiments. I believe there is something on the other side of this!

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