Experiment 13 – the Chemical Wedding


I started today trying to get blender to work!!! To no avail. Then I thought I would ask chat to animate a person travelling through the Bardo. The Bardo is the realm between life and death. But really it is not just life and death it is all transition. One of our purposes in life is to become good at transition – this is for the final transition that we know about – death.

Some people are so fluid – so good at transition that it is all bardo – they flit in and out of time, of existence, like i imagine subatomic particles, like quarks.

I am so tired right now. So much, everywhere. I said to a friend once, i think if everyone meditated everyday we would have peace. Really what I meant was that we would have peace in the 30 min that everyone sat in meditation. You can’t do anything when you are in meditation. I don’t remember what we concluded. Maybe that I was wrong. I told this to Mary Ellen too – I said we would have peace if everyone just meditated every day. She said yes, we should do that. I said yes too. Maybe I will just have a twitch stream where we all just meditate – every day. I used to do a yoga sadhana every morning at 4:40, during the pandemic. It was never more than 10 of us. We sang the Japji and moved into asanas and chanted.

Really this post should be called the chemical wedding, but for some reason I was writing the alchemical wedding. The chemical wedding is a concept from alchemy – it is a symbolic story about the combination of opposites – of self realization. But it is? I mean I guess to someone it is. This concept really influence Jung, the father of analytic psychology – and much of his work is about integrating the different aspects of ourselves in our process of individuation – the animus and anima (male and female). This feels outdated today.

I have tattoos of mandalas – circles . My kid Cass drew pages and pages of circles in his notebook. He said he was practicing drawing circles. Jung says when someone draws circles they are moving torward wholeness, healing. I told this to a friend who said – that is so patriarchal! Women when they individuate they make squares. I said maybe they make Xs. This is what I thought today when I generated this image with the LLM.


create a python animation of the alchemical wedding

put this on a loop

it is still not on a loop – how do I know if the wedding has taken place

generate_symbol is not defined

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